Homepage Redesign

Crate and Barrel began as a brick-and-mortar store, but its catalog eventually became the company’s primary engine for photography and its overall creative direction. The website, until I designed this prototype, re-purposed static photo assets originally shot for print. 

The web is a dynamic, cinematic medium, after all, and I felt we could deliver a more impactful presentation through a wider template, a dynamic use of photography, introducing motion and interactive experiences and using typography in bolder, more editorial ways.  

This design has influenced the way the site is designed even now and has had a lasting impact on the creative organization by demonstrating the use-case for creating different photographic, video and interactive assets specifically for the ecommerce site. 

  • Creative Direction                               
  • Visual Design
  • Designed Interactive Features
  • Collaborated with FEDs
  • Collaborated with Business’
The new design out-performed previous formats across all KPIs, including conversion, engagement and bounce rate, among other metrics.

New design helped influence direction of entire creative organization by shining a light on the unique potential of the digital medium to inspire and entertain customers and prompting change internally.